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Marini & Co provides specific financial consulting solutions based on the needs of your family through a direct fee-only remuneration.


The alignment of interests with the client, along with the proven experience of our investment team and the guarantee of independence allow us to fully meet the client's expectations.


We live in a highly complex and dynamic world. By taking advantage of a network of independent economists and analysts that have been selected over the years on a global level, Marini & Co anticipates economic and social-political changes that have an impact on asset values, fiscal and market rules and, last but not least, investment opportunities.


Thanks to their access and continuous study of the research produced by selected independent partners, Marini & Co identifies the structural changes in businesses, isolating them from economic trends and the the chaotic flow of news and prices with the goal of allowing families to take advantage of long-term dynamics. This long-term vision allows us to plan any legacy business diversifications and generational transitions.


The assets of a family, whether property, company shares or managed or administrated portfolios, are constantly analysed and assessed using the best risk and allocation software that lets you save on management costs, as well as improving the risk/yield profile.

Alternative solutions are proposed on a case-by-case basis, analysing the costs and benefits of each change together with the family.


All the members of the family, depending on their degree of preparation, are constantly kept up to date on financial market trends and on investment techniques so that they can be investors and financially informed people in order to act in line with their degree of risk, financial opportunities and the goals they have set.

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