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The Marini & Co team is made up of professionals with vast and proven experience in the field that possess complementary and general characteristics ranging from topics of market and investments management to extraordinary finance solutions and related fiscal and legal aspects.


Senior Financial Advisor with 23 years of international experience: founder of Marini & Co.

Former share investments manager for Gruppo Banca Leonardo and independent advisor since 2014.

A graduate in Business and Economics with top marks from University Cattolica of Milan in 1995, his dissertation was on TOB and his focus was on the Italian banking system: the Credito Romagnolo case.


Senior Financial and Tax Advisor with almost 12 years of experience at Tremonti Tax Firm, and independent consultant since 2013. Auditor for listed and non-listed companies, he earned his degree from Bocconi in 1996 with top marks.


Senior Financial Advisor with 23 years of experience in global financial markets with a focus on Asian markets. He worked in London for HSBC, in Milan and Hong Kong for Nomura and as Fund Manager at Intesa San Paolo. An angel investor and advisor for various international start-ups in the digital marketing and e-commerce world.

Financial communication manager. More than 8 years of international experience as a freelancer creating websites, applications, videos and presentations in the corporate communication area. He has worked for various international brands, moving around between Italy, United Kingdom, USA, France, China, India, Russia, Japan and Germany. A graduate from SAE Institute in 2012 with top marks.

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